Is everything made from scratch on site?

Everything is made in our lab here in the Covered Market – apart from the chocolates and confectionery, which we get from local suppliers.

Do you use organic and Fairtrade ingredients?

As much as possible.

What’s your carbon footprint?

UK Size 12. On a serious note, we take the environment very very seriously. We are evangelical about putting litter in bins and re-cycling. We always try to get as many ingredients as possible from suppliers within 30 miles of Oxford and we buy British as much as we can. All our equipment is certified environmentally efficient and our refrigeration units have ultra low emissions. We don’t use the P-word very often, but we genuinely are very very very passionate about contributing to improving the planet’s well being. Even our drinks cups and cutlery are completely compostable, made from plants not plastic, supplied by Vegware.

Can I re-freeze one of your products if I don’t finish it?

Why wouldn’t you finish it? Best not to re-freeze it though.

Do you do whacky flavours?

Come in and find out. We are always keen to hear your requests and will give most things a whirl – NEVER SAY NEVER is our motto!

Are you a member of any trade bodies?

Yes, we’re with the Ice Cream Alliance

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