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We use free range, organic and Freetrade products as much as possible and every ingredient has pass mustered on our Three Fs: Flavour, Freshness and Fabulousness. Every chef bangs the drum for freshness – suffice to say we aren’t afraid to send back any ingredient that isn’t at its absolute best because we can’t get the flavour we want if the ingredients are not up to the job.

All our cream and milk comes from third-generation dairy farmer Nick Gosling whose organic Guernsey herd graze in wild flower meadows and the greenest grass in the dew-filled valleys of Wiltshire. Nick and Christine have spent many hours learning all about cow psychology and treating cow illnesses homeopathically. The cows are all named and treated individually and the love shows in the richness of their milk.




More than Gelato

More than Gelato

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We left no stone unturned in our quest to find the best Coffee and Tea. We found James Gourmet Coffee in Ross on Wye. This innovative artisan coffee roaster supplies us with a special single estate Guatemalan coffee that is bought direct from the farmer, Santos Martin, whose coffee is tended and picked on his own small estate in the San Martin Jilotepeque valley in Guatemala. Santos and Peter James have a direct and collaborative relationship and the coffee it produces is an absolute taste sensation.

Our tea comes from Jenier World of Teas, based in Scotland, a country whose history is deeply entwined with that of tea and its trade around the world. Scottish pioneers such as James Taylor and more recently Sir Thomas Lipton have helped make tea the success it is today. Jenier World of Teas strives to ensure they source and supply only the highest quality teas available, working with experienced Tea Masters who’ve been in the industry for over 30 years. We love great tea and we want you to enjoy it too!

Few can resist our own special recipe Hot Chocolate. We slowly and dextrously combine our specially supplied Belgian chocolate with our gently warmed organic Guernsey Milk that is just hot enough to melt the chocolate and be warm, velvety smooth and totally delicious. Once tasted, never forgotten. If you would like to try our organic rich Guernsey Milk, it is also available chilled by the cup.

We also have the most exclusive selection of sumptuous gourmet chocolates and confectionary in Oxford. See for our full menu.

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