A Lovely Review

A Lovely Review

What a lovely review to receive:

“For a long time the G&D’s trio appeared to have a bit of a monopoly on the Oxford ice cream market. Their ice cream was innovative, delicious and fun, and they boasted an army of loyalist fans without any real threat from competition. Yet in the last five years or so the quality has dropped somewhat, and despite still being popular, another parlour has pinched its crown.

When Graham and co decided to open iScream the prospect truly excited me; finally, a new place to get good ice cream (well, gelato). I certainly wasn’t disappointed, I was in fact met with something better than I had initially anticipated. The gelato and sorbetto was – and continues to be – fantastic. It’s the perfect blend of traditional and experimental, is cleverly thought out and executed brilliantly. It’s clearly made by someone who loves what they do, which is apparent not only in the quality of the product but the interesting variety of flavours and combinations on offer.

Excellent customer service is another attribute iScream boasts. The team are wonderful, informative and always up for a chat. Graham is always more than happy to talk about his product range, especially if possible sorbetto and gelato flavour ideas are the topic of discussion.

In addition to everything else, the chocolate selection on sale is great and very diverse. Whether you’d like just plain dark chocolate or something wackier it’s all there, and is all top quality. It’s not only the best place in Oxford to buy ice cream/gelato, but chocolate as well.

A wonderful little place, deserving of all the awards it’s received and praise that’s been sent its way. Oxford is lucky to have iScream.”

Thank you so much!


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